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Post by Admin on Fri Aug 13, 2010 4:53 pm

1. You are allowed to speak your mind on the Forums. Cussing is OK in a mild manner to show your passion or concern for a subject. Cussing is not allowed when targeted at a certain individual. But be open and have fun. We are adults so don't worry about posting something Rated R, it's ok. Rated X is not allowed.

2. Flaming and starting discussions that create tensions among rival Clans are not permitted. No rival Clan bash talk allowed.

3. Please leave all racial comments, politics, and sexual discussions out of the forum at all times. Watch CNN if your feeling politcally correct today.

4. Clan Represenatives are encouraged to visit the site and are allowed to recruit using the Socom Fans Forum.

5. Warnings will be issued thru PM's only, no one will be called out on the boards, if you feel your warning was not fair, you can request an on-line chat thru the PSN to have it changed. 3 warning's will be given before your IP address is banned. Remember, warning's are given depending on the issue at hand, if a situation requires immediate banning warning's will not be given and you will be instantly banished.

6. Have fun and post away.

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