Hey DlTCH, your sig banner on Socom.com Forums

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Hey DlTCH, your sig banner on Socom.com Forums

Post by PAUL-AWOL- on Sat Dec 11, 2010 10:31 am

Hey Ditch you may need to remove the Forum link from your signature bar that you put on there, for some reason Socom.com doesn't allow it to work like that. The Socom.com forums only allows you to have the banner up to 150 px wide. That's why the bottom part is missing, you need to take off the forum link, make sure you back space after that to get the banner to look right. What I do is copy the the Socom Fan forum link when I log on to Socom.com and paste it on the bottom of everything I post. It creates the direct link to our site this way.


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