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 In depth guide to Socom 4

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PostSubject: In depth guide to Socom 4   Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:29 am

Thursday, January 27, 2011Community Day Impression
I want to start you off with the answer you all want to know. Does it feel like Socom? And its not a straight forward answer but I will say this. You will find Socom in Socom 4.

Basically Socom 4 has two game types. Standard and Classic. Standard has all the features we feared (I will go into more detail later.) and Classic is classic Socom setup (to some extent)

They really didn't show us as much as I thought they would so I believe we wont be able to answer a lot of your questions. But I will answer all that I can. I have a list of features I wanted to investigate going in, but as you will see some of them I could not find the answers to. But here it is.

Community Day Questions and Focus.

Options Menu (look speed, controls, 3D, etc)

-In game you could adjust the look speed (up and down and left and right).
-There will be 5 preset control layouts at launch
-Standard MP setup
-L analog: move/strafe
-R analog: look/turn
-X: Jump
-Square: reload
-Circle: Snap to cover
-Triangle: Change Stance
-R1: Fire

-R2: Accessories (grenades, mines, etc.)
-L1: Zoom (OTS) If you hold L3 with L1 it will go into scoped view.
-L3: Sprint
-R3: Knife
-Socom is 3D compatible but we had no experience with it.

Weapons Menu (weapons, customization, #of attachments, how attachments effect weapon statistics)

-You cannot chose your weapon until you enter into the game. I believe you have like 20ish seconds before the first round to chose your load out. It is very quick so its not like you are rushing to get your loadout set. You can change your load out between rounds. Not sure you can do it after the round is over, as the features to select weapons between rounds was not actually in the Classic mode in the build we were playing. But they have confirmed that it is in there.

-I believe all or most of the weapons were unlocked, but you gain XP in both standard and classic modes, that unlock upgrades and attachments (mostly attachments). The basic weapons were still very effective.

-You can attach as many attachments as you have unlocked to your weapon at any one time. But not all attachments will be available on every weapon ("no grenade launcher on shotguns")

-I was only able to unlock a few upgrades, but I really couldnt tell how they effected the gun. Zipper confirmed that front grips will reduce the recoil (spray). So attachments do effect the weapons but I cannot go into detail on how.

User Interface (is it fluid, easy, fast)

-You can choose Standard or Classic and then what map and game mode you want to play. Its all matchmaking. You can create your own unranked game but must invite people to join your game. It was very fast and simple. No lag time like in confrontation

Game Lobby System (Ways to find/enter game, matchmaking, lobbies, UCR, Party System)
-All matchmaking, not lobbies. You can create Parties, we did not get to use it so all I can say is that it is in there.

-Can you leave game without having to remake party system?
-could not confirm.

In Game Lobby (PTT, Open Mic, Text Chat, Team Mixup?, How to set weapons, Preset classes?)

-I believe it was open mic in every lobby (may have been PTT in classic mode, dont remember).
-There is no text chat in lobbies
-You cannot choose your weapons in the lobby. You do it before the first round of the game (no classes or saved setups)
-You can send friend/clan invites in the lobby by selecting a players name
-You can vote people out of the lobby (AWESOME)

-Can you set weapons for both sides without switching sides?
-No, but there is no sideswitching so it doesnt matter. (cannot select weapons in lobby)

Maps and Game Modes (respawn and round-based)

-The game will release with 9 maps + Abandoned (they haven't announced how people will get abandoned, other than by pre-order)
-Standard games are respawn.
-They have snap to cover, health regeneration, resupply pools.
-Airstrikes (based on kill streaks and objectives completed)
-There are rocket launchers than can be found laying around the map.
-Multiple spawn points (can choose between spawn points between respawns)
-Classic games are round based
-No snap to cover, no health regen, no resupply pools, no airstrikes
-No ranged explosives
-I think you only have one spawn point, but im not sure on that.
-Game Modes:
-Suppression: Suppression
-Uplink: Capture the flag type game (did not get to play)
-Last Defense: I believe this was the MAG type game. Very similar to sabatoge.
-??????- they gave us the name but I forgot it. I we didnt get to play it.
-Classified: There is one classified game mode that they would not tell us.

-Is there a difference between respawn and round based game modes?
-No i believe you can play each on respawn and round based.

Ranking System (How it works, XP/Skill Based)

-XP based ranking system for standard and classic game types.


-Mostly attachments and weapon upgrades.
-Character unlocks in SP carry over the MP
-Weapon unlocks in SP do not carry over to MP
-No character customization.
-There are 12 Characters per side, including the unlockable ones
-Spec-Ops and Insurgents were the two sides (ie: seals/mercs)

Clan System

-Did not get to use it, but its there. Also there is a clan match making system where you get your clan in a party and then you say you are ready to war. Once you are ready to war you can search through a list of other clans that are ready to war. It will say what game type they want to play and how many people they have to war with. You then challange them to a war. They can accept or decline.
-I have no idea if there is a Clan Ranking system.

My opinion on controversial features (does it kill the “SOCOM feel”?)
-Cover System:
-Not in Classic mode so it doesnt bother me at all. It works well when I used it in respawn.
-It did not seem like an unfair advantage.
-You cannot snap to everything.

-Health Regen (in MP or not?)
-Standard MP games Yes, Classic games No. So it doesn't bother me.

-OTS View (Options in MP/SP)
-The L1 zoomed view is OTS. I actually used it for mid to long ranged shots. The developers said it does not give you more accuracy it simply is more zoomed in. I will say that it slows you character speed down, which in turn makes your gun more accurate. But if you move slower in centered (hip fire) view you will have the same accuracy.
-I used the L1+R3 scoped view with my assualt rifle that went into a red dot site. It works fine but I dont see myself using it that much. You must also do this for sniper rifle scopes, so its not instant, so I dont see quick sniping (quick scoping) returning to socom.

-No Grenade Arc
-This is one feature that I want back. I found it extrememly difficult to throw accurate grenades. I found myself overthrowing grenades a lot. Im not sure if you can lightly toss a nade over something or not. I believe if you aim below the waste when you throw a nade it will throw it underhand. I did it once and I think that is what happened.

-Playstation Move (how does it feel, better/worse than DS3, Separate Rooms on MP?)
-I played a little of the SP mission with the move and found it incredible difficult to use the Move. I will not be playing with the move and no longer think players using the move have an advantage. It may just take some getting use to, but I did not like it.
-The Move and DS3 will be combined in MP rooms.

Single Player Co-Op (AI movement/reaction, Stealth Missions?, Difficulty, Chose your own path?)

-We only got to see a portion of one level. But I really blew me away. It looks awesome. If you buy games for their single player then I think you will love socom SP. I got a little time on it with the move and didnt like the move. But some of the others who played it commented that it was hard (and it was on the easy mode, lol). It was not on god mode so we were dying. (still takes quite a few hits to die though) Really need to use your squad because you will die if you try to do it alone.
-You can target specific enemies for your blue or gold team to take out. (thought that was cool)

-Free Lean: We asked for it in the Q/A
-Side Switching: No Side Switching
-Number of Rounds: Varies, but it was like first to 3 wins I think. I was a little confused about it.
-Tiebreaker: Either there was a tiebreaker or they were figuring out what to do. I forget.
-Accuracy Shooting from the Hip: The same as everything else, but character movement really effects your accuracy (bullet spray)
-Speed: Confrontation slow in standard games, but should be (will be) faster in Classic modes.
-Proximity Chat: Yes
-Was the Centered View “Classic View”: Centered View, yes. It was NOT classic view. We emphasized that we want it tweaked (pushed back) in the Q/A so hopefully they do something with that.
-How to pick up ammo/nades off dead bodies: Run over the bodies (only pick up whats in you loadout)
-Describe Scoreboard: Shows combined K/D from all rounds.
-How many hits to kill: Not sure how to explain this but I thought it was perfect. Confrontation-esk, maybe a few less hits.
-Vote System: Can vote in game and in lobby. We did not have access to it though.
-Is there time after the round to choose your weapon (alive/dead?): Not sure.
-What is the difference between the factions: No factions
-How many MP maps will release with the game: 9+Abandoned.
-Sprint: Good speed, can sprint sideways (strafe sprint, which is nice)
-Shoot while jumping: I believe I did it once but I did not hit the enemy, and I forgot to test it out more so I dont know how accurate it is, but I believe that you can fire while jumping/falling. Unless I was imagining things.

Questions to Zipper:
-Beta: Havent decided yet (or cant tell us)
-Release Date: (April, 19th 2011)
-DLC: didnt ask, dont think they would have answered.

Questions for the 18:
-Scale of 1-10 does it feel like “classic socom?”: 7
-Scale of 1-10 is it a sweet game?: 9

The Good:
-Weapon Accuracy
-Hit detection
-Number of hits to kill
-Classic options are what we want and we can live there.
-Graphics (AWESOME)

The Bad:
-Grenade throwing (no arc, doesnt seem to be pressure sensitive)
-Jump (goofy looking and excessive (like MAG))
-Camera in too zoomed in. It feels claustrophobic sometimes. and you lose where you are going sometimes.
-No demo mode (still one classified mode though)

Overall the game is a mixtures of MAG, SOCOM, and COD. I believe it will appeal to anyone who likes one of those games. Basically no matter what type of gamer you are, you will find a home somewhere in Socom 4.

My favorite part is when I was the last guy left and I killed the last player on their team. I did it a couple times and I was shaking after, my heart was pumping, and I had to catch my breath. As soon as I felt that I knew SOCOM was back. (that was only on classic games. I did not feel that at all on the respawn.)

Basically I will say this. It is a departure from Socom. I thought it would be more like classic Socom than it is. But even though it is different, it is very good, and very addictive. I think it is going to be a big game in 2011.

*This was taken from an external site

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PostSubject: Re: In depth guide to Socom 4   Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:10 pm

That is bad ass Deej. thanks. That must have takened alot of work.

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In depth guide to Socom 4
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