Roper/Dunham Post Compilation

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Roper/Dunham Post Compilation

Post by NAME-LESS on Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:10 pm

So I decided I'm going to compile all of their posts and update it daily, so nobody misses out on what they say. I'm sure there will be some fluff, but I'm also sure there will be valuable content.

Date, 1-27-11


Dunham: "There is no "altermative" mode -- there are three ranked room types. Standard, Classic, and Custom

The community guys can tell you all about it, I'm sure"



Dunham "It is.

It isn't an "alternative" mode, there isn't a "primary" mode

It's basically what you want to play -- Classic or the New way -- each have their own rankings, each can be played whenever. All game modes are available in Standard and Classic types"


Question? from ShootoutS2 "so basically after the casuals go back to CoD 3 days after release we will be left with a classic mode that Zipper only worked on 50% of their time on multiplayer ?

and THEY WILL leave S4 if they even buy it

face it they want CoD they will play CoD"

Dunham: "

  • We don't know what game people may or may not play other than ours "three days after release"

    • There is no % breakdown of how long we put into various aspects of multiplayer -- we've worked hard on it, all of it, with the appropriate effort applied where needed

    • Chris isn't a coward; he's covered 10+ E3s; toughens (deadens?) you up real quick



Comment from Kill_Frosty "i just watched the MP "preview" with my girl. First things first, it says at the begining "this is actual footage" when really you only see a snipe and the rest is cinamatics. Second, my girl who knows nothing about video games said to me "It just looks like the other games".

I'm cancelling my pre order."

Dunham: "Just to clarify

There are no cinematics. We don't have any cinematics currently in multiplayer. It's all in-game footage. We just turned "the free-fly" cam on so you could see it at multiple angles"


Question from PAs_MAKO-30 "Hey Roper or Smash,
If you read this, can you chime in about the possibility of moving the camera back a little? It seems to be a concern for some of the CD participants as well."

Dunham: "For launch day? More likely not. One day in the future after that? Well that's another story..."


Date, 1-28-11

Question from Demolitio "Do any of you guys remember the weapons you used yesterday? What old ones did you recognize and which new ones do you remember?

If you can give some weapon info out Roper or Dunham, I'd appreciate it. I'm really curious to see what this game has since I'm a gun nut and the setting is perfect for new weapons to make an appearance.

Also, what did you think of the sound design?


Dunham: "They had access to some weapons (not all) and the mods weren't pre-unlocked

A lot of the final names names we can't officially list yet because they're still going through the approval process. But the working ones (possibly final) are listed up there

That said, we had examples of all classes but mostly Assault Rifles for the event. The classes, btw, are machine gun, smg, shotguns sniper rifle, and AR.

All in all, we had about 1/3 of the weapons available and about 1/4 of the gear items"


Question from whitey "Why have you chosen to develop Socom 4 so drastically different than previous installments of the game?"

Roper: "We can't speak directly to design decisions as we don't make those calls, but I will say that no studio wants to just keep making the same game over and over and over and over. Times change, and we need to be able to adapt to that.

Having said that, I really do feel like a lot of the stuff that came out of yesterday is being blown out of proportion and that you'll hopefully have a different opinion when you can play the beta. Bullet points don't define a game - your experience while playing is what defines it."[/color]


Question from Col_Cathart "It's more of the elimination style - take out the other team and you win.

It sounds like you all have the UAV thing right. If it gets down to 2 minutes left then a UAV sweeps and shows where everyone is at to encourage face-to-face showdowns."

Roper: "It's more of the elimination style - take out the other team and you win.

It sounds like you all have the UAV thing right. If it gets down to 2 minutes left then a UAV sweeps and shows where everyone is at to encourage face-to-face showdowns."


Comment by L1TTLE_FOOT "I never post on these forums, but after hearing the stunt that zipper is trying to pull, i had no choice. I believe that the 18 members who went didn't like the game very much, but don't want to bash it because of the situation that zipper has put them in. All the special treatment, free stuff and attention they have been receiving is holding them back from expressing what they truly think. It's as if they need to be loyal to zipper for doing what they did. If you have noticed, most of the 18 seem to be avoiding the opinionated questions and are only discussing matters of fact. Nothing against any of you, most of us would probably react the same way, i'm just trying to point something out. In terms of the collective community, it seems quite evident that they don't like the game very much and I guess we'll have to wait for the beta to officially confirm that the SOCOM as we all knew it, is dead.

Roper: "A lot of the guys were spending their time in the area hanging out, seeing the sights, travelling, etc. So we'll hear what they think when they get home and settled down.

We don't want sugar-coated responses. What we want are honest opinions from them and open minds from everyone else that won't just take one negative opinion and think that the game sucks. If someone didn't like it, that's fine. Pleasing 18 out of 18 people in any scenario isn't easy. We'd like to know why though, so that we can look into addressing those issues.

There were certainly things that everyone that came here agreed upon, good and bad, and we're looking into ways that we can address the bad things. It's part of the reason why we wanted them to come out here rather than wait for the beta to hit. We can act now rather than later."


Question from A-Wad "CAN YOU PLAY 4V4 & 8V8 OR ONLY 16V16?"

Roper: "Yes, you can change the maximum number of players."


Question from JayXomb1e "Is this MP demo played by the 18 going to be changed before the Beta? Obviously there are many upset people, and some things you can't change, but should we expect any changes on this for the Beta?"[/color]

Roper: "I can't comment on the beta content, but it is not the same as what they played yesterday.

In terms of changes, all I can say is that it'll be newer code."


GeNeXsis................ "Classic mode only has suppression..... they are patching it bit by bit.. and will add features to it...

in those 6 months that the game was done... they did a 360...

Result... a 50% done classic mode...


Roper get it over with and confirm this..

I already leaked respawn mode, coop mode, enemy tags, mag gameplay, health regen and killstreaks weeks ago..."

Roper: "There are Classic variants of all four modes. Some things get tweaked slightly when you're playing that way in order to work better with only having one life, but all four modes are indeed supported in Classic. And the Classic has been in there for a long, long time. The delay had nothing to do with adding it in because it was already there."


GeNeXsis again...... "Just camp the flag...




What was the reason for the delay....

WELL?????? MR ROPER...."

Roper: "OK, I'm going to tell you the honest answer about why the game was delayed, but you have to keep it a secret.

Are you ready?



Question from FreeMazon "WHERE DID ROPER AND DUNHAM GO!?"

Roper: "I've been reading the forums all day, and I know Jeremy has been on and off. It's just hard to respond to things when people already have their mind set and won't listen with open ears."


Comment from DEADEYEZ followed by many rude comments "Now you know how we feel!"

Frustrated Roper: "I'm not going to defend every single design decision because they're not my call, but what I can honestly say is that I find the game to be fun, and that seemed to be true of most everyone yesterday.

Is it perfect? Of course not, no game is. I will tell you that we absolutely, 100% listened to the feedback from the panel and are looking at what we can do for each one of those points. Some things either can't or are unlikely to be changed, while others were already on our list of things to try to address. But, and this is the important part that most people can't seem to understand, getting that feedback from people who have actually played the game now rather than folks reading a bulleted list is immensely valuable.

Here's an example - many of you out there hated (and probably still hate) the fact that there's a cover system. No one wanted it. But, lo and behold, everyone that I've heard from yesterday thought that it worked well, and some of them actually would like to see it incorporated into Classic mode. Those that didn't like it didn't use it, but they didn't seem to have a problem with it existing as it didn't impact them.

Do people still want the old D-Pad lean? Yes, that's certainly been some of the feedback that we've gotten (and yes, has been around on the boards for some time). But looking back, a lot of people thought the cover system would suck, and it doesn't.

People were afraid that firing from the hip wouldn't work. I said over and over again that it would be fine, but they were worried that they'd be forced to use the OTS view to kill anyone. It sounds like most of the folks who came here yesterday were happy with the balance between the two and that firing from the hip felt good.

Now that we've had these guys (plus the media) come in and play it, we know what we need to really look at. And we are, I can guarantee you that."


Comment from BLUNTOLIGIST "Hey Roper maybe you should listen to the Socast Luke , Rev & Dave did last night. If memory serves they said something to the effect of ; no d-pad lean , no snap cover in classic sucks & since Zipper told them there was no way D-pad lean was going to be added then they suggested it might be better than NOTHING to have the cover system in classic.

That doesn't sound like they enjoyed it so much playing respawn they would want it in the normal mode , it sounds like they want d-pad lean but will settle for cover rather than having nothing at all."

Roper "I did listen to yesterday's SOCAST, and I found a lot of their arguments to be understandable. We're already addressing some of those things, as I've mentioned in other threads."[/color]


Comment from Col_Cathart "People were worried about the cover system because it was replacing dpad lean. The fact that people still want dpad lean after trying the cover system is telling in that regard. From what I've read from the 18, they wanted some sort of system in classic view. Apparently they didn't like that you took out dpad lean and failed to replace it with anything at all. Is that really surprising? It's similiar to the grenade arc. You took it out because the airstrikes in respawn. There are no airstrikes in classic but the R2 button is surprisingly useless. You put PTT on the dpad and added etags. You still haven't figured out that the community wants tiebreaker rounds and apparently the view is still a little screwy. You all removed the most popular game modes from the previous games."

Roper: "Some of these things were already being addressed/adjusted even before those guys showed up yesterday, but we weren't ready to either show or talk about them yet for various reasons."


Rude comment from Shadow_Dancer "Really? Is this what you have the nerve to respond with after seeing the anger that many in the SOCOM Community have because of the **bleep** that you call MP? You and Jeremy don't play SOCOM. You never did. We do. Not once did I ever see the two of you write articles commending SOCOM in any real way that many in the community can tell "you get it". I doubt you even understand with that response. Over 6 years we have provided all the feedback you need to build a SOCOM that will ensure that we would be pleased. Once those features are implemented we would take anything with open ears and an open mind. You guys didn't do that. You essentially built a SOCOM game around the MAG engine. Standard Mode and Classic mode? What is this BS. You either make a real SOCOM game with the Classic mode actually being the standard mode or you might as well make MAG2. Seriously, wake up Roper.

The nerve of you to tell the majority they're wrong when it was us playing the game all these years. YOU need to start listening with open ears. NOT US. If there is a majority of people who say they are not happy, who is to blame?. Unless there are drastic changes, I don't think I will be buying this crap you call SOCOM 4.[/color]

Roper: "Let me set the record straight on something - I never said I disagreed with anyone's opinions on these boards. I actually agree 100% with many of the features and whatnot that you guys bring up. I would personally like to see the D-Pad lean return as I don't use the cover system. It's fine, but I don't use it. I've said this a couple times before.

So I've never said that you all want the wrong thing or that we're right and you're wrong or any of those things. All I'm trying to say, in practically every post I make, is that the design team made certain decisions and a lot of them actually work out really well in the end. Are there things that we need to look at? Absolutely, and that's a big reason why we brought those guys in here to play the game. The best kind of feedback that we can get is from people who have actually played the game because they know how all of these pieces interact with each other, they can tell us what's truly important, what we've missed that we really need, etc. And we're looking at all of that stuff - every last bit of it."[/color]


Question from U-N000 "Roper can you please tell somethings you're looking into addressing ? I mean how worse could it get, 98% of community is mad."

Roper: "I can't because anything I say will essentially mean that it's expected to change, and I don't want to set any false expectations. If and when things are better in the beta/final release, then great, everyone is happier for it. All I can say is that we're taking all of yesterday's feedback seriously."


Rude comment from uh--oh "Roper, I think you needed more negative people on the board group of 18. Its clear you or Zipper dont have a clue about us your own fanbase or our need in a game!!!!!!!. What the hell do you even have forums for when you listen to no one?

I know I've been here on many forums and have complained about the same thing for 9 years. Instead of fixing these issues , like normal you ignore them and do what you want????? Maybe you should close the forums down and turn into a dictatorship on game dev, simply say you either like it or not...technically thats what you doing for 9 years!!!"

Dunham: "We invited more who came in as skeptics, but not everyone could make it for various reasons."


Date, 1-31-11

Question from INIQUITY "hmm when will they post?"

Roper: "Posting on the forums is far from our only jobs, and I've spent a good amount of time today answering PMs."


Comment and question from Agent_Clutch "First off before I rant lets look up the definition of "STANDARD" shall we. Now there are many definitions but these two fit this title very well

Standard -noun

1.) Something considered by an authority (Zipper) or by general consent (THE FANS) as a basis of comparison; an approved model.

2.) a rule or principle that is used as a basis for judgment. (Core SOCOM GAMEPLAY)

So the standard of a SOCOM Title is very simple. I wont even go into the minuscule details such as dive to prone, jump to climb etc etc.

The Standard for SOCOM is:

Round based action
One Life per round
Best out of series w/ Tie Breaker
Traditional TPV not OTS or a semi quasi TPV
Dynamic Cover w/ lean functionality
Push to Talk mics
Vast weapons including PISTOLS!

Now I know you can add more things to the list but in a nutshell this is the core of SOCOM strip down to the bare essentials. Now this is in fact standard of SOCOM, and everyone who has played this franchise cant not dispute this even the creators. How in the hell does Zipper get off callin a 4 game mode Ranked Respawn model "THE STANDARD MODE" of SOCOM? What gives this mode the validity to be called "the STANDARD"? Who approved this?

So exactly how did the TRUE STANDARD of SOCOM become a second rate nostalgia game mode? Thats the only reason its in the game just to say, "hey we didn't forget about our core fan base". "Even though we want to take the game in a completely different direction". Honestly its a slap in the face to any true SOCOM fan. And I don't want to hear that Classic mode isn't taking a back seat to the "Standard" mode. Just the simple fact its called classic should tell you other wise where their FOCUS lied.

And I think someone said one of the devs at the Community day event said "Lobby System is dying technology" Really? So instead of being cutting edge and innovative you conform to the "Standard" of todays every 3-6 months new shooter Genre. Which is fast paced respawn action in a new skin and theme.

You gut the entire franchise just to compete with these run of the mill shooters when you are sitting on a gold mine franchise with a CULT LIKE following... I cant fathom the process behind this at all.

So my question to ROPER/DUNHAM is this , Since when has Respawn anything been the "STANDARD" or "Staple" of SOCOM?

Doubt I get a response but i'll wait..."

Roper: "The non-Classic options were indeed labeled as "Standard" for our events, but don't take that to be final. We just didn't have a better name for them yet, but it's an easy change when we do."


Dunham did all the work for me on this one Smile

Dunham: "Holy crap that’s a lot of text, but here we go:

SLICK: The public reaction to the recent community day news?

Me: A little surprised but not much. I’ve been in the industry long enough to know that change is something that rarely sits well with longtime fans of anything and we fully expected folks to not like what wasn’t in there, not necessarily what is in there – it is human nature. We accomplished what we set out to get from the community day, though – we had 18 fans come out, have fun (on varying levels, obviously) and give us feedback; that’s exactly what our aim was. If you’ll notice, we didn’t restrict their info one bit – we were fine with and encouraged everyone in attendance to tell everyone what they thought, good or bad. Why would we do that if we didn’t have confidence in the game? Why would we do that if we didn’t think we could handle the worst possible outcome? Why would we do that if we didn’t think that we could implement some of the feedback in a tangible way by the time the games out? We wouldn’t have is the answer – so that should tell you something (and hopefully it does).

SLICK: Why is the game leaning more towards COD than SOCOM?

Me: This is hard to answer because the game is something different to everyone. I’ve seen negative folks say it’s just copying COD, or a new version of MAG, and I’ve seen positive folks compare it to nothing. So rather than try to tell you why we made the S4 “more like game x,” which isn’t our aim, I’ll tell you what we our overall goal was – to make the game more accessible so that we can expand our audience, but also keep the elements of SOCOM that made it what it is in the first place. We felt you can do both – do respawn and no respawn, open mic and push to talk, etc. Is it 100% identical to SOCOM I, II, or 3? Absolutely not; was it designed with those games is mind? Absolutely yes. Whether or not that approach is enough for the classic fan is the bigger question for them – and for us. Keep in mind, what features to keep and not to keep has been an ongoing internal debate for a long time. Personally, I think the only way anybody wants to be like COD is their sales numbers – because copying it wouldn’t be smart. No one is going to buy a clone when COD already does what it does so well. We aren’t trying to clone anyone or anything, we’re trying to give our current and future fans options on how to play our game without dating ourselves. It’s really as simple as that.

SLICK: Why would you claim to be listening to the community? It’s obvious that everything that has been talked about for the past 8 years was completely ignored.

Me: The only way to justify every design decision we’ve made is really to say that we made it for the betterment of the game. Each design decision is made for a different reason, so to break it down individually for each one would take forever; Your bigger question can only be answered with time; once the final game is out and you what ultimately makes it into the final product, the patches, the DLC (if we’re successful enough to support it), etc. It’s easy to point out what’s not in game, but look at what is in there and also what you don’t know about yet. Regardless, how much we listen to you guys is a question each community member has to decide for themselves. Some may say a lot, some may say not at all, but I’m not going to say anything other than we keep the existing and future fans in mind when making our games.

SLICK: Why remove lobbies, we love ‘em?

Me: I can’t answer this one accurately yet; you guys haven’t yet seen our clan challenge system, clan rooms, private game creation and other bells and whistles that we have planned for the final game. Once it comes out and you’re still disappointed, tell us (I know you guys will), and we’ll see about where to go from there.

SLICK: What’s up with the XP System?
Me: Our XP system doesn’t work in the way most people are assuming. XP is just a way to unlock stuff; you won’t unlock new skills that make you more powerful than anyone else, which is typically the worry for XP systems. We have an XP system associated with our guns as well (separate from regular XP) that allows you to unlock mods the more you use a weapon. We think it works well and it provides an incentive for people to keep playing. We like it.

SLICK: E-Tags, what’s the deal?

Me: This is one of our systems in progress. It may stay exactly the same, it may change. Radar is more realistic than guns hot – we dumped guns hot because we don’t want pixel hunting. I can definitely see the argument either way; won’t deny it.

SLICK: OTS View, why? You said we'd have a classic camera in MP!

Me: We remember what we said about a classic view, we know you remember. Should give you an idea of what that ultimately means. How soon, however, depends on a number of different factors (somewhat cryptic, but not really)

SLICK: PTT on the D-pad, huh?

Me: Simple truth is that we’re out of face buttons and shoulder buttons to accommodate the gameplay. We’re still looking into other possible solutions, but that’s the reality of it right now.

SLICK: Why add the cover system?

Me: It’s become a common mechanic in shooters and we think it fits well in the game; moreover, its single-player implications are that we didn’t want the AI to be able to do something you couldn’t do. That’s why it’s in there.

SLICK: UCRRs are gone, why?

Me: We didn’t want any one person stacking the deck in their favor. Instead, we wanted to allow user player habits and community influence to determine what custom games would be played. You can still do unranked custom games, though.

SLICK: No pistols, really?

Me: I missed them too and still do to an extent. But the idea is to keep the players more versatile and powerful ala Fireteam Bravo. I can see this being a big point of debate for people, but again, try it in the beta and see what you think about it in longterm practice instead of theory.

SLICK: Why can’t we pick weapons while in the pre-game lobby?

Me: Something to consider going forward.

SLICK: Dedicated ‘nade button and no arc?

Me: Wait until the game is out and get back to me on this one (and yes, this is in reference to both questions)

SLICK: Where did all the classic game types go?

Me: See above. But just to add something. We wanted new game modes to give people something different. Also, you don’t know all of our modes yet as it relates to retail or potential DLC. In other words, this will require more patience before everyone sees the big picture.

Whew. Ask fewer questions next time -- that was epic. 

Hope that helps, and if it doesn’t, there’s still several months left for us to paint the full picture and answer questions in more detail. Best we can do until you guys can play it for yourselves at length. In the meantime, I'm hopeful we can get some of the guys like Travis, Kevin, or Seth in on the next podcast to answer questions left lingering that may not have been explained well or revealed last week"

S_L_I_C_K: "thanks for taking the time to read and reply, i appreciate that and im sure many other do as well.
and yes it was a lot of questions, I had a few more but I decided to leave them out, lucky for you..Very Happy
but let me ask you one more thing, can you take this and show it to Travis, Kevin, and/or Seth? these are the questions and concerns of a very good chunk of the community. it might look like whining or complaining over trivial things, but these are all game changers, these changes are a huge deal, and to be honest I really don't have any urge to play this title, none at all at this point, and that just aint right."

Dunham: They've seen it. Seth and Travis both were part of our roundtable at the community day where the feedback was similar as well.

And you're welcome.Smile

My thanks goes out to S_L_I_C_K for asking these questions and Mr.Dunham for answering them.


Question from MisterJimDavis "Are hit markers in the game?

Dunham: "It's the sound of hitting a body and, as Cigar said, the crosshair turns red on impact"



Dunham: "Loaded question. Everyone has their definition of what "classic" means. We could add every feature but one that you want, and it's still possible that that one feature is the one you deem most important and we still wouldn't meet that definition. On the flipside, some have said we just need to add one more feature to meet their definition of "Classic"

In other words, there's no perfect answer to this so I'm not going to try outside of saying we're still finetuning the game."


The community managers went all out today.



Linkinito asks "Will there be special rewards for SOCOM 4 for having SOCOM: Confrontation or MAG?

Roper: "There won't be any sort of bonus, no. Bonus stuff is nice when it's there, but the flip side is that you spend time creating the content and getting the hook to work that could be spent on something else instead. It's also a balancing act - if you're going to do it then it should be cool, but you don't want to make it unbalanced for those that don't (in either MP or SP)."


r_e_v talks about the community day and what he liked and disliked about S4.

Dunham: I know I said it a bunch of times at the event and afterward, but we definitely appreciate you guys coming out

We've already implemented some of the changes into the game as we said we were working on. We'll save those another week and a half, though, and stick it in the podcast -- give you guys a reason to listen.

But again, one or two of your cons (rev) has already been addressed/ changed for our current version and some of the others' cons have been addressed as well.

Appreciate the feedback Smile.


Comment from ThaGuy "Well, since in this day and age where the internet gives people the ability to voice their opinions and everyone can be heard right? The developers can know exactly what the community wants right? In the case of Zipper, obviously not.

So, we all know is a huge thing in the gaming industry. When the game comes out, and the game has no significant changes...people here will know what to do and rate the hell out of this game down. I'll leave the link here: SOCOM 4

And bump it in the future when the time comes around. If developers don't want to listen, then we have other means to take things into our own hands. That is if they don't listen, but given the track record of Zipper these past years...i highly doubt they'll do anything big between now and the release."

Dunham: "Problem with all aggregate sites, be that Metacritic, Game Rankings or GameStats is that they assume that all scores are created equal. That a score of 7 or 8 or 9 means the same thing to all publications. It also forces scoring systems with limited numbers (say 1-4 stars or something like that) into a percentage that doesn't necessarily equal what the author was trying to say.

When I was at IGN, for instance, we considered a game "great" once it hit 8.5; GameSpot, on the other hand, considered a game "great" at 8.0. Same terminology, but different numbers to represent them; the meaning shouldn't be lost.

Aggregate sites are great for a quick glance at the all around score for various sites, but they don't paint the full picture.

Personally speaking, if we have people buy the game, not return it, and continue to play it for a good amount of time, I don't care what the average score is -- if our customers are having fun, that's all that matters to me."


DEADEYEZ asks "WHY SO QUIET COMMUNITY MANAGERS? The game gets closer and closer to beta/release everyday. Now ever since the release of multiplayer information our community managers have not been posting as often. There are alot of questions/suggestions floating around and you guys are being quiet.... to quiet! So what's up? Got anything new that you plan on sharing with us this week? Or are you guys just really busy this week working on the game?"

Dunham: Click on my name or Roper's name and you can see what we've responded to.

Also, personally speaking, I've just been crazy busy since the event (especially since we're only 2 1/2 months out from release). It's why I rely on Roper, with my busier schedule he answers a good deal of everyone's questions (though he's been swamped too as of late)[/color]

I think if you peek into this thread you will see they have been posting quite frequently.



TiCkLez-PiCkLez asks "CAN YOU DO FLY in the videos we've seen. Are we able to fly though and watch that way as well as watching a teammate well your dead..?"

Roper: "No, you can't just fly around (and spy on the enemy)."


JL84wolf asks "classic mode have no respaw ?"

Roper: "No, Classic mode has no respawn, nor health regeneration for that matter."


Captain_Tom asks "Just to give some of us hope, is the unannounced game mode similar to
Demolition? Also, are all of the new game modes playable in classic

Dunham: "Can't talk about it yet.




Hunky-Dori claims beta has already been hacked.

Roper: "Just to be clear on this, the beta doesn't actually exist yet - we have yet to pull the content out of the in-progress build and make it its own entity. In other words, no one has the beta because there currently is no beta."

Dunham: "LOL, this story is bogus. Chris is right, no one has the beta yet because it has not yet been created."


Colin_666 comments "MOVE THE CAMERA BACK"

Roper: "We're already well aware of the requests for this. It's always helpful to see things like this stressed for the sake of importance, but we know."


xPSYCHOPATH410x asks "Just wondering since S4 info is now open to be talked about will Ziplines go back to being weekly or stay bi weekly? Also when might we expect a detailed Weapon/Gear/Attachments list? Thanks."

Roper: "Right now we're still planning on doing them bi-weekly, partly because we've got a ton going on and doing them weekly would be difficult from a workload perspective.

We have a lot of stuff coming up though."


A reasonable request from MeeT-My-HeaT "Can we start a thread please to bring to attention the crosshairs. Its been said by alot of the community day guys that the crosshair needs to be edited a little bit maybe a dot it the middle. I have watched the mutiplayer videos too and it does look like it needs a dot in the middle its just a large circle seems like it would be hard to aim accurately."

Dunham: "Smile"


Serious question from PAs_MAKO-30 " If any changes mentioned by the "18" are implemented, is it possible we can see some of those changes in the beta? and if not, how about day one of release of final product? I'm not asking you to be specific (although we would take what ever you would like to divulge), but it would be nice to have some of these changes at least on day one.

Of course I'm not talking about adding lobbies, D-lean, new maps, ETC... I'm mainly referring to things that would seem simple (at least from the outside)... Like Camera being pulled back, cross-hair changed and maybe cover system in Classic mode.

Thanks for reading."

Dunham: "Possible that some of those things could be included, and likely, given that we haven't created the beta client yet."



kingGILLEY asks "so if I press down L3 can I run and then come to a stop and run again without having to press it down again?"

Roper: "No, you'd have to tap L3 to run again. It's much more predictable that way."


A comment from Garchow "They only have to add the changes we requested and classic mode will be really close to old Socoms. Those changes are adding D-Pad lean, Moving the camera back and upward, making the bullet spray cone tighter while not using OTS, adding the grenade arch, Getting Demo and extract back, turning up strafing speeds, turning up overall game speed, adding a dead zone and acceleration control settings options, and a few others."

Roper: "This is exactly the sort of feedback that we wanted to get from folks after being able to get their hands on the game, and I think this thread is a great example of why we wanted that to happen. When everything is said and done and we've been able to act on feedback like this (of which we obviously have plenty) then I really think that everyone will be happy with how it all turns out."


Dr_McNoob says "I just hope the feedback goes to good use..."

Roper: "It has. Some of the things that people are mentioning are already in there (or are at least in progress and very close)."

Captain_Blumpkin asks "I know you've received a ton of feedback from those who have played - and they seem to be fairly consistent - do you expect to have the majority of this issues addressed before the game goes gold, or should we expect to see the fixes in a patch after launch, if at all?

The bolded is the real question.."

Roper: "I honestly don't know the answer to this. We're doing what we can to get stuff on the disc, though it needs to be sent off to manufacturing at some point. After that we'll begin working on updates where necessary."




Dunham: "Yes"



Dunham: "It will be attainable for sure."



Dunham: "That's the second level, actually. First level is the level used at E3/ Gamescom. We recently showed level 2 at some overseas events"



Dunham: "We haven't announced details about the beta yet"



By the end of the week? In the next podcast? The day Killzone 3 comes out?

Also, when the news does come out, will we find out what to expect in the beta? Modes we can play, maps we can play, guns to use, etc.

Just wondering if Roper or Dumham can answer this yet. "

Roper: "No comment on this yet, but when we do talk about it next then yes, we should be detailing what's in it."




Roper: "The amount of rendering horsepower that it takes to run 1080p natively vs. 720p is roughly 2X, so we would have had to have made visual tradeoffs in order to keep the game running smoothly at that resolution. 1080p would certainly have been nice, but we think most everyone will appreciate the better effects and framerate that we were afforded with 720p."

SpaceGerbil1 wonders "Figured. On a side note, I wonder if there are any console games that run 1080 native?"

Roper: "There are, though I can't think of any action- and effects-heavy titles that do. GT5 runs at "partial" 1080p (960x1080 vs. 1920x1080), but outside of that I think it's mostly sports and downloadable titles."



gunnerbear asks "So are you saying that a climb icon appears when you approach the wall at a certain point then (hit x)??"

Roper: "Only when you're first getting tutorial messages during SP, but this is how it works though. If you think you should be able to climb on top of it then you probably can.

As for jump to climb returning and allowing you to scale anything, the chance of that coming back is as close to 0% as you can get. I think this is one of those on-paper things that some folks might think they'll miss but isn't necessary at all given the context of the game."



I was reading this Q&A;img;...

This is what sounded familiar

GameSpot: Why did you decide to do a game like Dark Souls as opposed to a traditional sequel?

Hidetaka Miyazaki: From a creative standpoint, I'm glad that it's not a direct sequel and that we're calling it Dark Souls, which is a new game, simply because we don't have to be bound by the features, the game design, and the content of Demon's Souls. So we were able to try out new things, take the experience from Demon's Souls, and put it into a brand new game."

Roper: "Keep in mind that Demon's Souls (as awesome as it is) has essentially zero name recognition outside of 24/7 gamers. If you know about the first game, and especially if you played it, you follow games closely enough that you'll pick up on a name change.

The name recognition of SOCOM is bigger than that, so it's important that we keep it going.

Also note that S4 really isn't as big of a change as some people think that it is, particularly when it comes to MP. It's not identical to past titles, but it's certainly a SOCOM game."



Dunham: "We don't ignore feedback; positive or negative. We just try to avoid posting the same thing in similar threads if we already answered it recently, or if it's a thread that's asking us to respond to their opinion of the game.

"This is the greatest game/ worst game ever because of this..." is nothing we should be responding to anyway. That's why the forums are here, to let you guys express yourselves, but we're not going to comment on most of them because, honestly, it's not up to us to make up your mind for you -- instead, we're here to inform you, clarify things, and find ways for you to interact with us as developers and the game.

Even so, we can't and won't respond to every thread that comes up -- there just isn't enough time in the day to do so (especially when you weigh how many PMs we get on top of this). We know that's not going to please everyone, but we do what we can."


Dirty_Walter thinks Uplink might not be as bad as he thought "I was just listening to that new urgent fury podcast and heard a part of an interview with Travis Steiner where he is explaining the new "uplink" game mode...

Originally when I heard it was going to be like capture the flag I though it would be like a flag on each end of the map and both teams are trying to capture the other teams flag. I think thats pretty stupid, Just dont like it personally...

Anyways, It sounds, from what I understand, that uplink will play out like this:

The seals (spec ops) will need to get to the terrorists (insurgents) base where there is some sort of brief case or device that they need to pick up. They need to make it back to the seal spawn with the device and upload it for the win... Something like that,,,

So, that sounds pretty decent to me. Almost like a really difficult version of demolition.

Dunham or Roper, please chime in and let me know if My understanding of this is correct. Cause the way I picture it, it sounds pretty cool..."

Roper:"That description is close, but not quite.

There are three laptops scattered around the middle of the level (I believe the location is randomized at different possible spots) and you have to get to a laptop, download the data (which takes a few seconds, so you need to be protected) and then take it and upload it at your own station back at your base (again, you need to be protected while doing this)."


MiamiBlue writes "See fellas, if you have a more open mind and think about things different then S1/2 it isn't always bad!
Although, OP there's a video out where they show "uplink" in action. And what I saw is different from what you describe.
You have 3 satellites or briefcases, seals have to active these objectives and then they "triangulate" (words of the guy getting interviewed), and that gives the location of your main objective. If I remember correctly the terrorists can deactivate the satellites prior to them "triangulating.""

FullMetalTech responds "I think that mode is Last Defense? Dont know if anybody knows."

Roper: "That is indeed Last Defense. In that case you need to control all three points at once, and then once you do you'll have 2 minutes to get into the other team's base and plant an air strike beacon. If you can do that then you'll score a point/win the round.

The different in Uplink is that you don't need to own a control point - you just need to take the data and bring it back to your base, so you could essentially score all by yourself. That's essentially impossible in Last Defense."


r_e_v "I'm just curious to see how these are going to work in classic mode... "

Chris8191 "Yes, Roper could you guys perhaps give us a rundown on how the game modes will work in classic..?"

Roper: "There are certainly differences, though I haven't personally played them in Classic in a few weeks - aka, they may have changed. We'll have Kevin Schmitt run through what he can on this week's podcast to clear everything up."



GeNeXsis the ultimate troll writes " The last game mode is about defusing bombs.
Originally based on respawn game mode, u have to protect the defuser and guide him + cover him while he defuses bombs planted over the map. Al bombs defused and your team wins.

Keep in mind that your time is limited.

The reason why its clasified is because its being tweaked as we speak for the round based classic mode.

In respawn mode your defuser respawns when killed. Round based is a little harder. The defuser keeps respawning but the protectors and defendors have one life.

When all protectors die, the defuser cant respawn.

At this point zipper is testing to limit the respawn counts or just make the defuser respawn and the rest have to wait it out when killed...

thx to "deadeyez" >> saves me work

Never seen the hurt locker before but...

" After talking with numerous developers at Zipper Interactive, the studio behind SOCOM 4, we have good reason to believe that this bomb squad element is related to the yet to be revealed multiplayer mode."

According to Travis Steiner, lead designer for SOCOM 4, The Hurt Locker coming out, and subsequently winning awards, was "a happy coincidence.

We actually had the idea before [The Hurt Locker] came out," Steiner said. "

There is a chance that this mode will be respawn exclusive and classic will get its own version...
Some key notes:
You defuse IED's and the defuser name is OED...
+ insurgence have to activate the IED's...

seems like someone at zipper isnt too thrilled about socom 4 either.. and revealed to me is the last mode..

where , you have to cover a "weaponless" padded squad member and escort him to defuse a bomb. if you fail to cover him, and he dies. you lose.

as "someone" told me... "think of it as demolition mode, just flipped on its ass""

Roper: "There are a number of inaccuracies in this thread. That's all I'll say for now."


RaidenXS "how do you know this?"

GeNeXsis "I have a friend at IGN and Gamespot.."

Roper: "They don't have the game, nor do they know anything about the last mode."



Dominator94- asks "Why do we got a run button in classic mode?"

Roper: "It's a matter of being able to allow you to move very quickly when you need to, but also maintain control when it matters. Remember that not everyone out there is capable of subtle control with an analog stick - to a lot of people it's either fully pressed or not at all. So we can't have warp speed be fully pressed or else it would simply be too fast for some people. That's where the run button comes in.

Also note that, and attendees can certainly correct me if I'm wrong, the folks who came to play the game were pretty happy with the speed and only wanted a slight increase, which we mentioned was already in the game but not present in that build."


Mr_Q_Blaze asks "WHEN IS THE NEXT SOCOM 4 PODCAST??????????"

Roper: "The show should be up sometime around 4-ish. It's awaiting approvals at this point (recorded yesterday), but we go through practically every single major question and feature request that you all have been asking about over the past two weeks.

Let me put that another way - if something wasn't talked about it's probably either because we can't for one reason or another, or we wind up having to cut it out. This episode is seriously packed with info on what/how/why."


john_wisdom "Now I am really worried.."

Roper: "You shouldn't be. There's some good news in there."


Dr_McNoob "Oh, and I assume this is Pacific Time, right?"

Roper: "Yeah."


Smitty12 comments "I was told by someone at gamestop that the beta will be availble to download the thursday after killzone release but not available to play until the following thursday march 3rd. I dont know if this is true but i hope we find out more about it tonight. cross your fingers!"

Dunham: "GameStop doesn't know -- we haven't told anyone a specific date when the beta is coming yet."



Dunham: "Since it's just a tuning thing, we currently have it set to no limit."


Rico_Suavez asks "Will there be an option to turn off Crosshairs, HUD, hints, etc for single player?"

Roper: "No, you can't. One exception is that (last I saw anyway) you can toggle a prompt to let you know when you're able to take cover. I always play with it off, but you can leave it on if you want.

The only hint stuff that comes up (aside from specific objective stuff) is early on in the game and it goes away pretty quickly."


AiRMaX213 comments "With all the other games out that excluding prone from their gameplay im suprised zipper hasnt decided to exclude prone on socom 4 as well.

but hey , who knows. Maybe they'll suprise us and tell us they changed their mind , like everything else."

Roper: "We considered removing all movement in the game, but internal playtests found the game to be too stagnant.

Seriously though, you can most certainly go prone in SOCOM 4."


Jimmtown asks a rhetorical question "SO THEY'RE NOT CHANGING ANYTHING?"

Roper: "How much of the show have you listened to? We confirm at least 3 or 4 things that have already changed, and a number of other things that we're looking at right now."


Jimmtown "The other issues are either never going to be addressed, or might be at some indefinitey point in the future. That's what I gathered. Am I incorrect? I'm not attacking, I'm just saying that's what it sounds like to me."

Roper: "Anything else is TBD with no promised timeframe on the stuff that does make it in. Some of that stuff we're hoping to have in as an update as close to launch as we can, but it's all dependent upon a number of factors (dev time, does it fit the game, etc.).


HelicopterPilot_ comments on the camera view "Seeing my character, whether MP or SP, from the waist up is going to probably kill it for me....I still don't understand why they did this. Up close and gritty? More like up close and sh*ty to me"

Roper: "It's explained in the podcast and we talk about an option for a further camera view coming in a future update."


xRuCkUs- "further camera view meaning pulling the camera back?"

Roper: "Yes."


INQUITY "Thanks for bringing us the worst news that any of us could ever receive."

Roper: Could you give us more detail? Cite specitic examples please."


Gotchyagood "Roper I can say that I'm disappointed you couldn't give more details for lean. I feel that it would be a great compliment to the cover system. If the d-pad left and right arn't used unless selecting weapons the the lean should be added. The more features the better. "

Dunham: "We didn't say it wouldn't happen, we said we're looking into that one.

You have to understand that we can't just "put it in there"

It's a completely different mechanic than what we're already using. Would require new animations, artwork, testing, balancing and plenty more. That's not a quick undertaking; but again, we didn't say we wouldn't do it -- just heavy considerations to be made for that"


HelicopterPilot_ "I'm upset about the camera view. This is something I really wanted to see changed. On that note...I still think this is going to be a kick a$$ game."

Roper: "As mentioned, you'll get an option to pull the camera back."


r_e_v "7 rounds is the max we can set our games too? "

Dunham: "Don't worry about this.

We've got you"


Nate-Da-NastE asks "I just listened to the podcast and was wondering if the round times could be changed in ranked games? It may have been said but I don't remember hearing it when you guys were talking about the customizable game options."

Dunham: "Ranked modes are presets; but the custom games you can adjust

Nate~ I think our pre-match timer before matches is somewhere in the 30-60 second range. We're still tuning it, though, so whatever the final time is I don't know yet"



DanFryeWooo "hes not listening bro... we all know he will refuse that question just like every other hard question. I dont see how they can ignore the question about being 1v4 and the enemy having a radar on u.. thats ignorance."

Dunham: "In the podcast, we clearly state that we're looking into it. Click on my history, I went into detail about this question a few hours back. If you're gonna hate on me, please hate accurately -- all I ask

Sava6e ~ my repasted from the thread I mentioned above:

"We didn't say it wouldn't happen, we said we're looking into that one.

You have to understand that we can't just "put it in there"

It's a completely different mechanic than what we're already using. Would require new animations, artwork, testing, balancing and plenty more. That's not a quick undertaking; but again, we didn't say we wouldn't do it -- just heavy considerations to be made for that"

Hope that clears some stuff up for you"


goku_s1 "I highly doubt they get a new camera angle out within 6 months of release."

Roper: "Are you sure about that?"


austebo asks "Ok so my understanding is you tap d-pad up and it stays on for a little bit and then goes off? Is this limited to just one person at a time?"

Roper: "It's not limited to a single person, no."


xStartThMachinex asks "Now that SOCOM 4 will be there two out of the three days, who is going to PAX East? I went last year for all three days and had a blast. This year I think I am just going on Sunday though. Can't wait to meet Roper and Duhnam!"

Dunham: "Roper won't be there -- he'll be out on personal leave.

I'll be there, though. See you then Smile"


xStartThMachinex "So your flying solo? I would imagine some Sony Reps or other Zipper guys will be there?"

Dunham: "Oh there will be others there for sure. Zipper and Sony"

If anyone ever wants a link just let me know.

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Re: Roper/Dunham Post Compilation

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Damn iam impressed. Way to go, this is a lot of work. Thank u.


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Re: Roper/Dunham Post Compilation

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@Admin wrote:Damn iam impressed. Way to go, this is a lot of work. Thank u.

NP man, It took me about an hour, lol. I could have swore one of them made a comment about them having pistols at one point.

Signing out.

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Re: Roper/Dunham Post Compilation

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WOW, Dunham came on really late, big edit coming up.

Signing out.

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Re: Roper/Dunham Post Compilation

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Do you think if this was posted on it would get stickied, or do you think it would get deleted/flamed? I have a hard time predicting the community anymore.

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Re: Roper/Dunham Post Compilation

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I think it would get looked at but only put up good points, not everything they said. Keep everything they said for us here, you know guys see a wall and go to face palm.


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Re: Roper/Dunham Post Compilation

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[BER]PAUL-AWOL- wrote:I think it would get looked at but only put up good points, not everything they said. Keep everything they said for us here, you know guys see a wall and go to face palm.

Haha, that's true, they are a little bit illiterate I think.

Signing out.

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Re: Roper/Dunham Post Compilation

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Fire away guys, this is the podcast to get all your toughest questions out.

Signing out.

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Re: Roper/Dunham Post Compilation

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