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 A noobs guide to Socom Con

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PostSubject: A noobs guide to Socom Con   Sat Aug 21, 2010 12:04 pm

A Noob's guide to Socom Confrontat​ion

08-19-2010 02:49 PM

I, SneakyB, have finally gotten the hang of Socom Confrontation (with the help of many people on Socom Forums... I thank you all for the advice). When I first began Socom I had no help, and I'd like that to change for newcomers. So, without further ado, I present SneakyBxD's guide for noobs and other people struggling in Socom (S.B.D.G.N.O.P.S.I.S) LOL
1. Get used to dying- Noobs and Veterans alike will die a LOT of times in Socom Confrontation, let it be by campers, or laggers. Be prepared for dying, but don't get discouraged.

2. Choose a gun, and use it according to its purposes- If you have a Sniper Rifle, don't go into enemy territory and expect to kill the whole team (unless you're extremely good..) If you have a Sniper, SNIPE! If you have a Sub Machine Gun, don't stay back and pick people off. Leave that to snipers. SMG people should go up front and battle in Close Range. All types of guns have their purposes, but I won't go into detail right now

3. BEWARE OF SHOTGUNS- Shotguns are not like Modern Warfare Shotguns; they don't lose damage at range. In Socom, you can almost SNIPE with shotguns (Since a low scope attachment is available). I saw a video and a dude killed someone who was on the ground, while he was on a roof, wielding a shotgun. To avoid this, stay in cover, and look on rooftops (just in case lol) Also, USAS users, go to hell. I hate the USAS. I's basically an easy kill. Noobs are welcome to use it, but if you're a veteran, pleaseee avoid it; it makes yourself look like a **bleep**bag.

4. Check your corners- Do NOT sprint to a corner, then complain about a death. Throw a grenade around the corner you're about to turn (if you aren't sure if there's an enemy there.... don't throw grenades at EVERY corner. but be cautious). I would use a flashbang, so I could catch those corner campers.... Also, if you get corner camped, even AFTER throwing nades, just make sure you're more careful next round.

5. Don't get caught with your pants down- So, you killed an enemy, and you're happy. You decide to reload your gun, and what do you know? You get killed. Another case is that, you kill an enemy, don't reload, and get into another gunfight. You run out of ammo in your clip, and you're dead. Either way, reload in a safe place, and especially after you kill an enemy. Always be ready for the unexpected.

6. Tilly- Yes, there's a gun called the Tilly. Yes, it's a one shot kill. Yes, it's a dumb gun. Beware of Snipers, because they most likely have enough skill to take you out even when you're moving. And as far as the Thermal Scope, Red smoke helps to block your heat signature, but also, take another route to your objective if there's a sniper (Well, if you aren't already dead..)

7. Water- When in doubt, jump in the water, providing there's some around (i.e. Quarantine). When in the water, press triangle to submerge yourself underwater, then swim away like a little fishy. Many people look down upon this, but hey, you're trying to stay alive by all means necessary.

8. Campers- I've gotten so upset by campers, they just annoy the hell outta me. But then again, like a famous man once said, "When there's a camper, flank 'em"

9. DON'T be a hero- Last alive in Control? Camp by a Control point. Last alive in Demolition? Camp by your team's bomb site. Either, don't be an idiot and get yourself killed. The only time you SHOULD be a hero is when it's a 1v1 battle between you and the enemy.

10. Catch THEM with their pants down- This tip can be translated to, Flank the enemy. Catch them when they aren't looking your way. Stay in cover, and wait for the right moment. In Desert Glory (one of my favorite maps), I like to hide in the bushes. By tipping the Playstation Wireless remote control forward, your character will tilt downward. Do this, and hide in a bush, and it will look like you're a part of nature. If there aren't any bushes, just in general, stay out of sight. Hide behind a car, corner camp, anything to keep the enemy guessing where you are. Also, if you're flanking, or hiding in bushes, make sure to use a silencer. You don't want your position given away because your gun is too loud.

11. Make sure you have the shot, before you fire- if you see an enemy, don't open fire on them like an idiot, even if you have a silencer. If you're aiming for the enemy, make sure you have a kill shot.

12. Don't spray- The worst thing you can do in a gunfight is spray. Spraying is inefficient, and relies a lot on luck. Going with the above hint, make sure you have a kill shot.

13. Have 'Quick Feet'- When in a gunfight, keep moving. Strafe back and forth to prevent the enemy from having a good hit on you, and eventually the enemy will start spraying and trying to kill you. When they spray, that's your chance to kill them.

14. To kill a Terrorist, it takes a Terrorist- I'm not saying blow something up. I'm saying, try and think of places an enemy would go. If last game, the enemy went a certain, they'll probably try it again. Keep an eye on these places, if you're a sniper especially, and kill the enemy when he comes.

15. Stay in a group- NEVER go anywhere alone. You'll probably end up dead.

16. Claymores- I somewhat dislike claymores, since they don't detonate unless the enemy walks right over them. Of course, you can camp with the detonator, but that's camping. And to refresh your heads, I hate campers.

17- It's ok if you don't get any kills- Trust me, I'm Rank 3, Confrontation Rating 16, and I still go games without getting a kill. It's annoying, but you'll be getting a lot of them.

18- Don't get angry- Being angry while playing a video game is not good. When you're angry, you're more likely to get even angrier, because when you're upset, you're gameplay seems to get worse. So stay positive, and drink plenty of water (What am I? Dr. Phil?)

19- Clans- Clans are fun. They're a group of people that will always be by your side. Great companions for team tactics, but please make sure you have a mic.

20- The Mic- A very important tool, used to call out enemies when you see them, and point out that you need covering fire/ assistance. If you don't have a mic, it's fine, but make sure you're good at taking orders, and stay in a group to prevent death.

21- Little Kids- Yes, 12 year olds, and 10 year olds play Socom. And they probably have mics, and WILL be singing the Spongebob SquarePants theme song over and over again. If you find them, do yourself and your team a favor, and send them a message telling them to stay quite. If they say stuff like "F*ck you" Vote to kick them, and your team will probably vote him out. I'm 13, and yes, I do have a squeaky voice. However, I don't sing, or say annoying things. The most I'd say (If i actually had a mic) would be pointing out enemies, or engaging in conversations with fellow clan mates. Also, if you're under 15 and reading this, please refrain from being annoying. It really annoys the older guys trying to enjoy their Friday Nights. (And this tip was coincidently number 21, the legal drinking age. lol)

22- ABUSING the Mic- Don't do it. Don't play rap music or loud elevator music. It annoys the **bleep** out of us and prevents us from functioning, and playing properly.

23- **Final Tip**- Play smart- Don't be dumb and run into an enemy base, armed with a DE. 50. It won't help your team. If it's Control, don't camp for kills, do something that will benefit the team.

Well that's it. If I missed anything, feel free to add anything else in the responses. That's all for now!
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A noobs guide to Socom Con
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