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 The loss of Confrontation

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PostSubject: The loss of Confrontation   Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:42 am

As I said in my post I have seen so many cheaters in this game in the past month its to the point we don't even play in briefing rooms anymore. Because when we finally get a room to fill up and get a game going another clan will join on the other side vote people out then lag switching starts. Then we have to leave. Its just easier to do qm's. We can choose to play before the game starts. I have added about 10 clans on my no play list in the last week alone. I have talked to other clan leaders that agree with me about cheating. They have members that want to get lag switches to fight fire with fire. But I don't agree with that. Because then when will that stop? But to be honest I think 3 of the clans I thought was legit clans on my list that was going to join me in this fight, I was to late. I have received no response back from them, and I have heard of some disturbing rumors.
I learned some interesting new info last night. I was OK with rank ups till then. They stayed in there Asian channels and left us alone. All they care about is there rank. Well I think I have to rethink that. I jumped in the channel under different name to just look at some clan tags and names and BOOM. I see another clan with names called. Socom_Police1 and on up to 11 and Socom_Swat1 and so on. I didn't know what to think. They where in an argument with the rank ups. But I stuck around to find out. But they go in to take over and battle with rank ups. So they have to play player on the other side. Then when they make them leave they follow them. In this I find out that 90 percent of rank ups have and use lag switches. So what I thought was OK with rank ups they use the lag switches so they don't hurt there rank. But the socom police also use lag switches if the rank ups do. They told me they do it because the socom police are basically shell names. They are there just to run them out and to take of business. But I'm not really sure what to even think about that either.
I don't know? Hazzardous and his buddies are calling me a whiner and saying this wont work. I and my clan and friends want to play legit. We wont cheat and I wont allow it. When they cheat against us then call us trash like the (FBI) clan last night that we about won against. They used lag switches, grenade glitch, 203 launchers. They pulled out all the stops. LOL. We can win against lag switchers. I think if we just report them to Sony and we get enough people to report them then they will pay attention. See Sony only has so many people that keep track of this stuff. If 1 person reports someone big deal. But if 50 people reports that 1 person that may be enough for something to be done. Now rank ups care about there rank. How many time will they rank up before they stop or just quit this game.
Sorry this was so long. Thanks for reading. If you did.
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The loss of Confrontation
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