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 Socom 4 Hands on at Games Com

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PostSubject: Socom 4 Hands on at Games Com   Sun Aug 22, 2010 4:49 pm

I was lucky enough to be at GamesCom this year and made a mission to hit the Sony Booth. Sony was showing Socom off, but its called Socom Special Forces (?) This is my hands on review of the demo:

The Good:
- Control was OK, but had a COD set up feel to it. ( I can't read german)
- Character Speed was faster then SC, but if the character moved a fraction faster, Sprint won't be need.
- Graphics were above par for a SOCOM game.

The Bad:
- S4 Does NOT play like a SOCOM game, it felt like I was playing a cleaner version of Rainbow 6, with COD 4 Controls.
- Graphics while good for a SOCOM Game, were no match for other games in the SONY booth.
- The entire game had a GENERIC look and feel
- Gun Spray, going Full AUTO on any of the weapons I used felt pointless
- Lame Knife attacks, this has returned from SC and it just as lame
- The Main character looked like a washed out of Nathan Drake from Uncharted

MP Deal Breaker: SNAP TO COVER

This is a gameplay killer, if this makes it into MP I won't even bother to download the BETA. While it was nice in SP, this will cause Camping to EXPLODE in Epic perportions.

Overall Rating: 5.5

S4 felt to generic and you can understand why it got delayed, graphics need to be better and Seth has to stop copying whatever he see in other booths. The Gameplay Video of COD Blackk OPS (SP level) that Tryarch showed off crushed S4 and it was only video. For anyone with the "Wait and See" attitude I would recommend hitting the panic button now, while changes are still possible. If nothing changes like it did on SC mass delay, then we are all in for another Stinker
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PostSubject: Re: Socom 4 Hands on at Games Com   Mon Aug 23, 2010 2:39 pm

Didn't Qdub go to E3 or something? I could be thinking of some one else but that review sounds about right. New comers will enjoy it. Im gonna give it a chance and take a different approach if I can, but it's gonna be hard to do knowing what socom is really SUPPOSE to be.
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Socom 4 Hands on at Games Com
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