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Mod System

Post by NAME-LESS on Sat Mar 26, 2011 2:06 pm

As you may know, I hate the current mod system. So here is a couple ways I would rather it.

1. Every gun would still have 5 mods, but you could choose from a list of attachments for each mod. Any attachment that you didn't pick will carry on to the next attachment list.


Mod 1 - Acog Scope , Small Suppressor, Extended clip. Player chooses Small suppressor

Mod 2 Acog Scope , Extended clip, Foregrip


2. You get 2 attachments for the same part of the gun for each Mod(or only 1, if there can only be one attachment for that part of the gun(Extended clip) or that gun can't equip certain attachments at all(PK-M)).

Mod 2 - Suppressor, Muzzle Brake

Mod 5 - Foregrip, Grenade Launcher

Signing out.

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