The "18" who went to ZIPPER complied info thread

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The "18" who went to ZIPPER complied info thread

Post by PAUL-AWOL- on Sat Apr 09, 2011 11:03 pm

Here is my opinion of the game from my Hotel room after having a couple of drinks.

Here are all the opinions of the 18 members who attended Community Day, this will be updated as more opinions are posted/edited.

Dr_McNoob's Opinion
kingGILLEY's Opinion ...... Additional kingGILLEY info (ask questions here)
PAUL-AWOL-'s Opinion
LaZyTiMe's Opinion
GaRcHoW's Opinion
VanilaGorila-x-'s Opinion
r_e_v, LUKENBACHER, David2Crazy's Opinions (via SOCAST)
LUKENBACHER's "Words of Encouragement About SOCOM 4"
r_e_v's Opinion
David2Crazy's Opinion
Dirty_Walter's Opinion
GrIzDaKiLl3R's Opinion
CIGARMAN1's Opinion
Stackcluster's Opinion
xNEVER-ONEx's Opinion
Bush_Wacker1's Opinion
BOOMxSTICK's Opinion
SMoKeY_RuN's Opinion
BUCHANANS_'s Opinion

Additional Resources: (updated by r_e_v, David2Crazy & LUKENBACHER)
Socom 4 Detail Questions

The Opinions are in... read them, collectively form an INITIAL OPINION but the best way to form your opinion is to play the beta and know for yourself where the game currently stands.
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