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 SOCOM.COM "MVP Program Announcement and Nominations"

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PostSubject: SOCOM.COM "MVP Program Announcement and Nominations"   Wed Jun 15, 2011 5:16 pm


Vote here : http://forums.socom.com/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/102888

So we're going to have some pretty good news regarding these forums in the very near future, but while I can't go into detail on that just yet (soon, though), I want to tease our upcoming MVP program and open up our nomination program. You may have seen MVPs in other official Sony forums, and we're going to be doing something similar in the very near future.

What's an MVP? An MVP is essentially a representative for everyone on the forums - it's someone that will be able to represent the masses in an official manner and will be able to essentially act on your behalf for community-centric things. While we're still working out the specifics, MVPs in other PlayStation game forums might have the ability to upload images directly to the forums for everyone to use (maps, reference images, etc.), manage community events (art contests, in-game meetups, etc.) or other things along these lines.

MVPs are not mods. MVPs will not be able to ban users, delete posts or anything else along these lines. That is, they will not have many extra privileges on the forums per se, but will instead be able to help out with things that affect all users (see above). Again, we'll be hashing out their roles more specifically in the future and over time, but I think you get the idea.

Who should be an MVP? Anyone that you think would do a good job of being able to represent the forums and help everyone else out (like sponsoring and managing community events, for example). Nominees should be someone that you'd trust to be able to handle this stuff fairly, honestly and without abuse. You should not base a nomination on whether or not the person agrees with your views on the SOCOM franchise - it really has nothing to do with that. If you think that you'd trust someone to be a strong contact with the mods in helping to shape the forums, that person deserves a nomination. If not, don't bother.

How do you nominate someone to become an MVP? While you can list them here, we'd prefer it if you'd send a direct message to our nomination profile, PS_Gopher, by clicking here. Simply send that account a direct message with the subject of "MVP Nominee: John Smith" and then give a quick reason for why you'd think they'd make a great MVP in the body of the message.

Again, we'll have more information on exactly what roles the MVPs will have in the future, as well as more info on where these boards are going in the future. Also note that this early nomination program is certainly not the end of it - we'll be swapping MVPs in and out as applicable and as time goes on, so if you or someone that you'd like to see become an MVP doesn't make it now, that doesn't mean it won't happen later.

Lastly, note that the actual assignment of MVPs is at our discretion - just because someone gets a thousand nominations doesn't mean that they'll automatically become an MVP - we need to trust them, too.

If you have any questions (and I'm sure you will), chime in here and I'll answer what I can. I think this is everything that I can talk about and know at this point in time, but feel free to drop a line.

Remember, to nominate someone for a MVP status, please send a direct message to PS_Gopher by clicking here.
Chris Roper
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PostSubject: Re: SOCOM.COM "MVP Program Announcement and Nominations"   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:07 pm


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SOCOM.COM "MVP Program Announcement and Nominations"
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