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 Latest podcast & patch

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PostSubject: Latest podcast & patch   Sat Jun 18, 2011 2:02 am

geirbiscohn on latest patch:

warmachine plays abandonded in classic mode

podcast links:

I do not own S4. I played the beta & then decided to not buy the game.

My decisions stands, even after the latest patch. Here's why.

What's been improved:

Center dot option
overall look speed increase, along with deadzone & accleration adjustment options
apparently some improvements to the mic system
apparently in classic mode, strafe speeds have been juiced up again.

What we are still waiting for:
Party system (late July)
Old socom game modes (breach & demo)

What's still preventing my from buying the game:
This is also a list of things we are NOT getting:
  • Shoulder switch (something uncharted & even CoD MW2's 3rd person did wonderfully)
  • lobbies
  • pistols
  • removal of blinking icons over game objectives (something tombstone recently posted about on the socom.com forums)
  • pulled back camera (in the podcast, he said when he tried pulling the cam really far back, the Frame Per Seconds dropped considerably, making the game unplayable. He said there was just too much rendering. )
  • Having to level up my guns for competitive attachments such as extended mags & M203 attachments
  • Playing mindless respawn to level up guns
  • no party system = leveling up guns alone or frustratingly trying to get together
  • lack of Socom game modes
  • lack of in game reporting system

I will continue to play CoD Black Ops with my clan. Socom is coming close but they need like 4 more patches + old game modes. Do that & I'll consider renting it for a few days.

That is, if renting is cheaper than buying. I anticipate this game getting cheaper & cheaper as the months go by.

Meanwhile, Black Ops has another new map pack coming late July for PS3 featuring an Area 51 map + Elite beta w/clan support. Good luck competing with that Zipper. You should have spent more time & $ on MP. Instead, you have made our game the laughing stock of the next gen shooter community. Hopefully Socom Source takes off & we all have a place to call home again Smile

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Latest podcast & patch
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