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 One Lifers

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PostSubject: One Lifers   Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:29 am

SOCOM.com: 5th most kudod post of 2010

I realize I will post my personal opinion on this topic in vain but if after reading this your left reminiscing about the days of Death Trap, Enowapi and Fox Hunt to name a few, I have accomplished my goal.

When did the SOCOM community start feeling “entitled” to a quick game, and why is it that when these “Johnny come lately” gamers are forced to play an actual match of patience and strategy the post game lobby is now overwhelmingly filled with whining, complaining and verbal abuse?

Oh, that’s right; thank you “Gaylo,” and “Call of Dukie” for breeding a spoiled culture of non-strategic, run and gun respawn addicts. Regardless of the rank-up opportunity these newbs represent, I as well those that this post represents would much rather match wits with SOCOM connoisseurs.

I remember when a single war had the potential to last almost 3 hours, and we loved every minute of it as this represented the ultimate SOCOM experience.

Let me set the stage: You and your team have invested 2 ½ hours into this battle. There are 59 seconds left on the clock in the 11th round of the third map (Crossroads) and you are the last one alive. The entire outcome of this war, the totality of all the training, time, and effort invested leading up to this moment rests squarely on your shoulders and everyone is watching in anticipation.

There are 2 opponents left, they have the bomb. The final push ensues. You evade detection, the plant is executed and like Rambo you flank to pierce their defense, slay both opponents and defuse the bomb with 5 seconds remaining on the clock. The eruption that embraced you once the final round ended was euphoric, an unmatched gaming experience that put the SOCOM franchise on the map.

This is why the SOCOM vets picked up their controllers and activated their headsets night after night. This is why we would endure the lag and server boots over and over and over again. This is why we trained to master strategy in scrimmage rooms for hours per week. This is why we buckled down and worked harder to perfect our weaknesses after a loss, determined to overcome and improve.

Where we come from, those that play to respawn represent the bottom feeders of our gaming culture. Minor leaguers that make up a world of red shirts used to re-calibrate your gun game if all other attempts to correct the problem have failed. Entering this realm for retooling purposes was embarrassing and at all costs attempts to avoid it were regularly taken.

For those of you that are reading this and feel insulted by my position it is you that I am talking about. We don’t respect your play and when you experience a game of patience, strategy, and wits, know that a team of SOCOM vets has just schooled you to the way of the “One Lifers.”

This is our universe and no matter how many of your kind pour into our world attempting to place your checker pieces on our chess board, we will continue to dominate your impatience and mute your empty rhetoric until you return to where you belong, at the bottom of the food chain with the glitchers and newbs.

One system, one controller, one mic, one game, one life: SOCOM.

Come get some!
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One Lifers
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