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 Just a quick outlook from an Ol Skool Socomer who misses a real Socom game.

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PostSubject: Just a quick outlook from an Ol Skool Socomer who misses a real Socom game.   Thu Jan 05, 2012 9:49 am

Kind of long, but read it because I think it hits home with many of you who also played Socom like I did.

SOCOM has always gone through a progression of improvement if that is what you want to call it by Zipper standards. Developers have to prove their well being so they come up with ideas to supposedly enhance game play and keep up with the changing gaming habits of Casual gamers, it's their job. That was the biggest mistake Zipper did, trying to keep up with Call of duty ruined this franchise.

Socom 1 had something that we all wanted and flocked to like fat kids in candy store, it had on-line play using a PS2, mics and endless gameplay. Zipper was smart enough back then to understand that we started to play with the same people over and over again, so they created a new Socoom game that catered to this style of game play.

Socom 2 hit the sheleves and took Socom to anotther level of greatness by improving gameplay and understanding that people played this game with same genre "Clans", so Clans blew up and Zipper recognized this and we all loved User Created Ranked Rooms. Community rules started and we up held them, the word vote was common. LOL.

Socom 3 hit the shelves and didn't lose any of the Core but introduced a new type of Socom, understanding that may be people who were in 100 plus Clans would love big maps and vehicles, which my Clan loved to play on occasion, but was happy because if we didn't want big maps today we would put up a room and play the way we wanted.

Then Socom CA very quickly came out and Combined all the great features of past Socoms all rolled up into one game is how I looked at. It took many Clans that hung in there to new levels of gameplay and by this time we "Clans" had established ourselves among the community. It was in my opinion the 2nd best Socom and some would say it may have been the best. I don't remember the exact number of maps, but put it this way, you could play for 12 hours straight some days and not see the same map again.

Just my quick take on how I experienced Socom over the years, I miss the fact that I knew and I guess took it for granted that Socom would always play like the 1st day I popped it in,,, and it did for 8 plus years until the PS3 gen gamers came into the scene.

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PostSubject: Re: Just a quick outlook from an Ol Skool Socomer who misses a real Socom game.   Sat Jan 14, 2012 8:23 am

This is all true ...
Though Everyone loved Socom 2 the best .. I like Socom CA the best ... and like you said
it brought the best of every Socom to it ...

With the advancement of teleology I think socom tried to evolve way to fast .
Socom was simple , Nothing that great about it compared to a lot of the games that came
out when they where coming out other then Socom was the only Community/Clan friendly
game out there at that time .. Socom at that time was to say the least "Keeping it Real"

My message to Slant 6 and Zipper would be to coin the phrase "Keep It Simple Stupid"
no more no less . That is what I liked about the socom in the PS2 days . Now with
the PS3 it is like there is some EGO Void to fill . A Developers virtual
"Cock Measuring contest " so to say . There is something to be said about putting the ego aside
and keeping it real . I hope Socom 4 was a "Reality Check" for the developers
and they put it back in their pants and realize they lost the "Cock Measuring contest "
and come to terms with what they have to work with and just learn how to use it better .

Just my Opinion .. No more , no less

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PostSubject: Re: Just a quick outlook from an Ol Skool Socomer who misses a real Socom game.   Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:26 pm

I am pretty much in the same camp. SOCOM was an amazing game for it's time. I remember thinking about how gaming had finally hit that next level and it could only go up. SOCOM II, though not without it's faults, was easily one of the greatest online games ever. I would dare anyone to find someone who played it and had something bad to say about it. Rather, every one of us gets that glassy stare in our eyes like we're reliving old war memories, shared with buddies that stood beside us night after night.

I got to Beta test SOCOM 3, and while it wasn't bad, I think that was the first dip in the series. Some liked the bigger maps at first, until you had to tranverse them on foot and hope a sniper was waiting for you somewhere. Combined Assault took it back up a notch, and I liked that one pretty well. At that point though, I think the community fractures were beginning to show, even if it brought more people back.

Confrontation, during release, did nothing to help that, and even after it was patched and ran decently, a lot of people were fed up. I didn't think it was bad, I didn't think it was great. The best pat (as always) were the classic maps and many of use had fun with them. But for me, the transition in the community, from one of rather open and accepting to a more hostile and xenophobic mindset, really put me off from playing it. I had been voted out of rooms before, for things like teamkilling (whether or not accidental didn't matter) to someone making room for a buddy arriving late in the game, but never on the level that I had been voted out of Confrontation. I can't remember the amount of times that I would sit in limbo when I entered a game currently being played, waiting for the next round, only to get voted out before I counted to five. It really made me not like online FPSs for the first real time.

So for me, SOCOM 4 has been a very pleasant experience. I really miss the lobbies...and I mean really, but other than that, I feel like it's a better experience overall. I know that alot of people hate it, though I am hard pressed to truly understand why. It's a good game, despite the omissions, and I wager it would have been a great game had we had lobbies and whatnot. It makes me sad to think that what could have been great will probably get swept under the rug now because of poor community support.

Whether or not it's a true SOCOM game is a matter of opinion, and I can guarantee that there are about 10,000 of those. What matters is if you enjoy it or not. To be 100% honest, I did not like SOCOM II when it first came out, but it grew on me and look at the success it became. I wonder if subsequent ventures had gotten the same chance as that, if they would be more popular today.

Only the dead are without fear.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a quick outlook from an Ol Skool Socomer who misses a real Socom game.   Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:38 am

I'm not a multiplayer person, so it's the singleplayer experience that I played SOCOM for. What was unique about it was that it combined Splinter Cell-style stealth gameplay with Rainbow 6-/Ghost Recon-style "assault" gameplay, without being all about run & gunning. As a result, you could play it either way, but admittedly with varying levels of success. The game still emphasized stealth, though. Stealth in SOCOM was easy to pick, yet still difficult to master. I almost always chose to play stealthily and got quite good at it. I could play missions sometimes without the enemy firing a single shot at me! But come SOCOM 4 and stealth is pretty much totally nonexistent, instead we're treated to Call of Duty in third person. With a fraking terrible plot (complete with a totally out of place and frakked up "battlefield romance" between Gray and Park), indescribably stupid AI (I swear I shoot my own team by more than the enemy since they're basically programmed to run right into my line of fire... not even Boomer, RIP, was that stupid!), and a pretty meh selection of weapons (FTB3, by contrast, had probably the best selection of weapons ever in a shooter game) with the exception of the ACR, SCAR-H, Cheytac M200, M110, IAR-556 (still not sure what its real-world name or equivalent of this one is), M4, and Mark 20 SSR.

But... those are my thoughts anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Just a quick outlook from an Ol Skool Socomer who misses a real Socom game.   

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Just a quick outlook from an Ol Skool Socomer who misses a real Socom game.
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