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 SOCOM TRADITIONS. Something I posted over 6 months ago

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PostSubject: SOCOM TRADITIONS. Something I posted over 6 months ago   Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:57 am

We talk about this game like it's real life sometimes, and to some it is. Think about it, we interact with each other on a daily basis, piss each other off, some days we LOL, and we don't physically know each other. We create Clans and speak to these same people more often than our own friends and family. Some Clans actually meet for BBQ's, been thinking about planning one myself. I do play with my Brother almost on a daily basis and we created The Beer Clan together many years ago, so yeah it is a part of me that I feel obligated to keep up. Is it just something to do to pass the time or is it we have created Socom Traditions that feel like obligations to keep going because we don't want to let down our fellow Clan members. I think to myself on my way home,, man,, I really need to play Socom today, wondering if my Clan is asking why I haven't logged in 2 days.. Why do we care, it's just a video game right,, wrong,, it's called Socom Tradition. Sometimes I think the Socom Traditions are lost with the new crowd of PS3 gamers on Socom, and when the Ol Skool Fans of prior Socoms start in on things, it's not crying or whining, it's because we had alot fun and we want to pass it on. Alot of us have established long on-line friendships since Socom 1 to present day. My point is, the Ol Skool Socom Fans created almost 8 years of Socom Traditions that we want the new PS3 gen to continue with, it's frustrating to me when I play this Socom and 50 percent of everyone I speak with say how much the game sux. Never heard half the amount of complaining on any of the prior Socoms. IMO, If you wasn't there you don't know what I am talking about, if you was there, you just had a memory flash back of your old Clan and how fun it used to be. Not trying to say this Socom hasn't created great new Clans and on-line Friendships, I hope it has, but when we talk about prior Socoms, it's because we miss the OL SOCOM TRADITIONS and the game play we were used to.

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PostSubject: Re: SOCOM TRADITIONS. Something I posted over 6 months ago   Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:46 am

You touched my heart, bravo!

Most of the CON guys just don't understand "The Tradition."
I've only ever met one guy that started on CON and gets it. He is my Clan Leader and that is the reason.

Signing out.
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SOCOM TRADITIONS. Something I posted over 6 months ago
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