Was playing Ghost till All them 10 year olds got a PS4 for X-mass

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Was playing Ghost till All them 10 year olds got a PS4 for X-mass

Post by whycreations on Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:38 am

You can tell the rich spoiled children got their way .. for the most part .. 
Every server on COD now has little children cursing like sailors .. 
The Rich Persons baby sitter so to say . 

Well Honestly I can't say that .. but that is what it seems like really .. 
I can't stand to get on ghost anymore .. 
It is easy enough to mute all but really I am out there trying to make new friends 
and that is hard to do when you have to figure out who to mute in game . 
Most of the Friendly gamers don't use their MIC unless they know someone online . 
and if they do know someone online they are most likely have muted all but their party . 

I have Started playing Assassins Creed now . Till a better game comes out .. 
I refuse to buy Battlefield , for one I didn't like BF3 .. and BF4 started out with a ton of issues 
so ya .. that is a no go .. Considering going back to the PS3 and download some of those free 
game ya get by having PS+ ... Something new to try for free .


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