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 Classic Maps that need to Return

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PostSubject: Classic Maps that need to Return    Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:10 pm


Over the course of SOCOM’s history, there have been a lot of great things that made SOCOM stand out from the competition, but the thing I loved most about SOCOM had to be the multiplayer maps. SOCOM games developed by Zipper have always had a wide variety of settings and game modes to play, which made them feel fresh long after release. Most importantly, Zipper was never afraid to use asymmetrical map design, making teamwork essential to success. This well thought out approach to design has convinced me that Zipper has the best map design in the gaming industry, as quality asymmetrical maps outside of SOCOM are few and far between.

Now that Abandoned, a classic SOCOM 1 map, has been announced as a pre-order bonus for SOCOM 4, my mind has been racing with other classic maps that I’d love to revisit in stunning high definition. It's worth noting that several fan favorite maps already made a comeback in SOCOM: Confrontation - Crossroads, Desert Glory, Vigilance, Blizzard, etc... - and while we'd love to see those again, we'll focus on the truly neglected gems. Here are the maps I believe should return in SOCOM 4, whether it’s on the disc from day one or eventually coming out as DLC.

• The Ruins: One of my favorite jungle maps in the series without a doubt. This is a very balanced map, and it supports any play-style you could possibly imagine. You could rush right over to the opponents area, stealth around and hide in some of the foliage, snipe on one of the many areas that are elevated, or camp around the plant site just waiting for the enemy to stroll right in. This map could fit right in with the south-east Asia theme of SOCOM 4.

• Death Trap: Another great map that could fit with the Asian theme. This is the perfect example of an asymmetrical map where the terrorists have a huge advantage, but that’s what makes it a great map. The SEALs have to use teamwork and raid the compound at the same time making sure to hit every entrance. This map has you jumping for joy if you pull off a win on the SEALs side.

• Foxhunt: A very large and open map where sniping is the main play-style. The insane amount of foliage allows you to sneak around like a true SEAL while your buddies engage in a long-range battle with the terrorists. This is one of the most popular SOCOM 2 maps that has a lot of people begging for its return.

• Enowapi: One of the best looking maps from SOCOM 2 that had you breaching a terrorist camp in the jungle with a lot of foliage to use as cover. This map was large, but it had many choke points that forced large firefights. This level made you feel like you were raiding a drug cartel’s hideout in South America. It could easily fit in with SOCOM 4’s theme as well.

• After Hours: This is one of those maps that not every SOCOMer got to play. It was part of the downloadable content released for SOCOM 2 that required the HDD or a flash drive to play. It’s a real shame because this was a map that belongs up there with the rest of the greats. It’s set in Korea with street level fighting and an underground subway that allowed for a lot of flanking since the map was quite large. Ambushers could sit in the parking garage while snipers were in windows on some of the buildings. This map is so great since every play-style was thought of when they made it. Everyone should get a chance to play this amazing map.

These are just a few of my favorites that should return with a mix of new maps in SOCOM 4. Most of my favorites are jungle maps since I’m pretty tired of seeing desert in modern games. There’s plenty more old maps I want to see return, and I hope to see a bunch of them as DLC. Zipper needs to remember what made their maps so good in the past and expand on it, making their new maps just as memorable as the ones on this list. So, what maps would you like to see return in SOCOM 4?

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PostSubject: Re: Classic Maps that need to Return    Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:40 pm

I firmly beleive zipper would be wise to take every map ever made for a socom game
(make killing fields , harvester, archipelago and a few others smaller)
and update their graphics and release them after about 6 months as dlc
say they did a 3 or 4 map pack every 3 months
the game would stay fresh for a long long time
and I hope they support socom 4 as much as they do mag
always updating mag and polling the community,
I really hope and am leaning towards thinking that they will do the same for socom
I remember zipper in the past never listened to us or patched,
it was actually slant 6 that patched alot of glitches
and quicksnipe crap in socom 3
and when zipper charged us for maps in s3,
later slant 6 in ca gave us all the old socom maps free!!
so even though theyre incompetent and messed up con
they did some sweet stuff in the past
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PostSubject: Re: Classic Maps that need to Return    Sat Oct 16, 2010 6:45 pm

if you have a backwards comp ps3 or a ps2 with the hdd, get on s3 or ca
I believe it was ca, check the download and you will see a shload of maps free for the taking
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PostSubject: Re: Classic Maps that need to Return    

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Classic Maps that need to Return
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