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 Entrepreneurialism and The Cleveland Sports Fan.

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PostSubject: Entrepreneurialism and The Cleveland Sports Fan.    Sat Oct 08, 2011 7:47 pm

As today's Browns game winded down, I started to analyze the results of our performance in my mind. Then it dawned on me that being a Cleveland sports fan is like being the passenger of a car who rolls down the window to tell the angry driver fixing his newly acquired flat tire that "Hey... at least you have 3 more tires left," and then proceeds to point out the bigger picture.

So we are 2-2... well thats better than 1-2, or the all to familiar 0-3. Yes, there was a lot of missed opportunity and poor execution on the field today, but Shurmur will address these issues like he did after the opener. Hell, we are currently tied with 2 other teams in our division, which includes the Squeelers. We are still alive.

If you inherited your passion for Cleveland sports as I did, through sunday morning face painting, Dawg costumes, and ensuing festivities, summertime RTA rides, $5 bleacher seats, and the drum, "Hot Rod Williams", Brad Daugherty, and the Darth Vader laser light show, then you know well the familial Cleveland pride that has sustained us through all of our small and large heart wrenching defeats. You know well the intuitive defense of our once great sports town, and the loyalty that keeps us raising our heads whenever an outsider begins to mock the current affairs of our city, and its teams.

Then it dawned on me that the passionate pride, loyalty and dedication of a Cleveland sports fan is no different than that of an entrepreneur. Both know well rejection, hope, failure, optimism, determination, and drive.

Now I understand why the hair on my neck has raised whenever someone has suggested I pick an easier path with less resistance and work for an established company - thats like asking me to spend my Sundays rooting for last year's Super Bowl champion. Now I understand why I tense up around nay sayers - hanging out with them is like watching an Indians playoff game with a Boston fan. Now I understand why I cant work with unprincipled people - that would be like high fivin' a Miami fan.

My commitment and drive as an entrepreneur is no different than my commitment and drive as a Cleveland sports fan. Both are a part of who I am at my core, and both are unwavering. I will never root for another team the way I do the teams I have grown up with, and I will never do a better job than when I am indebted to myself, for myself.

I believe that through the years I have learned much from watching, and mimicking the resilient confidence of the city I grew up in. What a comforting connection this is.

Thank you Cleveland.


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Entrepreneurialism and The Cleveland Sports Fan.
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