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 Recent list o fMulti Player items in S4

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PostSubject: Recent list o fMulti Player items in S4   Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:29 pm

Here's the most up to date thread that show the mp info that we have so far:


CIGARMAN1 wrote:

Week by week we are receiving little tidbits of info on Socom 4's MP. Finally, all of these little pieces of info are beginning to paint a picture in my mind of how S4's MP will play. This thread isn't to list pros/cons, it's just my vision of how this MP game is coming together. Now, I understand that we don't know about the big things like UCRRs & 11 rounds and we haven't even seen the most important part, the maps. So this is basically focusing on gameplay.

So what do we know about MP so far? Basically this:

-Classic TPV cam, not a slight OTS like we've seen in the SP vids

-The ability to skip OTS and go directly from the classic TPV to the "aimed" or "scoped" FPV by holding L1

-No Armor

-No Encumbrance

-No Vehicles

-No water camping because there's no water over waist height.

-No faction specific weaponry

-No guns going Hot anymore (has me thinking the "Elimination" game mode has been eliminated)

-No jump-to-climb (However you can now vault over cover by hitting X) (also the devs stated that jtc can't be used because there's nowhere to jump to climb to in this game)

-An option to play without Health Regen

-Faster Reload (as compared to Confrontation)

-Faster Character Movement (as compared to Confrontation)

-Dancing is returning

-Different Sized Maps (a good assortment of map sizes)

-A Cover System

-A dedicated grenade button (I like this because of, once again, speedy gameplay. No toggling through a retardo wheel any longer)

-The sprint button returns, however this doesn't bother me as much as in Confrontation because the normal walking speed is much quicker.

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Recent list o fMulti Player items in S4
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