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SOCOM 4 Private Beta Schedule

Post by PAUL-AWOL- on Tue Mar 15, 2011 12:06 pm

SOCOM 4: Private Beta Schedule (March 15-March 21)
Posted by Chris Roper, Community Specialist, Zipper Interactive Beta Program SOCOM 4
Everyone here at Zipper Interactive is proud to say that today is the first day of the SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs multiplayer beta! As previously announced, our multiplayer beta will be rolling out in four stages with the invite-only private phase beginning today. PlayStation Plus members gain access next week on March 22, while beta codes included with Killzone 3 become active on March 29. Finally, the beta will be available to everyone via the PlayStation Store starting April 5 until its conclusion on April 13.

The multiplayer beta includes two maps, Port Authority and Assault & Battery, playable in all four of SOCOM 4's multiplayer modes:

Suppression: The SOCOM take on team deathmatch.
Last Defense: Capture controls points, discover the enemy base and destroy it.
Uplink: Steal enemy data and deliver it to your base.
Bomb Squad: Defend your bomb technician while he disarms enemy explosives.

Each of these modes will be playable in both the Standard and Classic play types, and some days will also feature Custom game variants. Standard mode closely mimics the single-player experience, while Classic harkens back to older SOCOM titles with increased movement speeds, round-based play, no player respawns and the lack of health regeneration. Our Custom types mix and match a number of game settings, delivering fresh takes on our core rule sets.

The custom game types that we'll be playing are:

Sniper Alley: An 8 vs. 8 version of Classic Suppression with higher damage. Weapons are limited to sniper rifles, shotguns, smoke grenades and poison gas.
Last Defense Run 'n Gun: Faster movement speed and reduced damage are applied to 16 vs. 16 Last Defense with weapons restricted to only shotguns and SMGs.
Scrum: Suppression is given rule tweaks of no respawn, faster movement and higher damage, while sniper rifles, frag grenades, concussion grenades and poison gas are disallowed.
Community Day Classic: A medley featuring Classic versions of all four game types (Suppression, Last Defense, Uplink and Bomb Squad) with increased speed and weapon restrictions placed on ranged explosives. Each game type is played over 11 five-minute rounds.

As we're testing specifics elements of the game, we'll be rotating through which modes you'll be able to play each day on a predetermined basis. The schedule for the first week, along with a quick synopsis of what you'll be playing, is as follows:

Tuesday (3/15) -- Suppression and Classic Suppression
Wednesday (3/16) -- Suppression and Classic Suppression
Thursday (3/17) -- Uplink and Classic Uplink
Friday (3/18) -- Last Defense and Classic Last Defense
Saturday (3/19) -- Bomb Squad and Classic Bomb Squad
Sunday (3/20) -- Sniper Alley and Last Defense Run 'n Gun
Monday (3/21) -- Scrum and Community Day Classic

After you've had a chance to play the beta, we'd love to hear your feedback! Once you've downloaded the beta and played a complete match, you'll then gain access to our private beta forums on where you can share your stories with other players and leave us your feedback. SOCOM has always been a very player-driven franchise and your opinions are very important to us, so please let us know what you think!

For those of you who haven't yet gotten a code to the private portion of the beta and would like to get in sooner than later, we'll be giving away beta codes throughout the beta program via the official SOCOM forums as well as via our Twitter account and Facebook page, so be sure to check those out often.

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