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 Ultimate Clan Resource Guide beginning stages!!

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PostSubject: Ultimate Clan Resource Guide beginning stages!!   Thu May 26, 2011 9:44 am

Ultimate Clan Resource Guide is Now OPEN to the public . UCRG
Main Home index still under construction!
We are in the beginning Stages of operation . Bata Testing so to say .
Information needs to be added by clans or Tourney sites !! Yes .. your Websites !
We want you to advertise your website on our site !
O.. and guess what .. its Free!!! Free Advertising really!!!
If you are in to Socom , Call of Duty , Battlefield , Metal of Honor , Killzone and are tired of BLOG chasing !!
then we have the information for you . I have compiled the blogs listed and put them in to one location for you
with more !

There is a spot in every game title for your:

1.Clan Websites based on that gaming title you choose to post in . if you clan plays all the game titles , you can post your info in all of them

2.Recruitment for your clan website . If you list your clan website in a gaming title and are recruiting for that game title too , then there is a spot for you to make a recruitment post for all to see .

3.Tournament websites have a place to make their selves known . Even will be able to update their information and Bump their thread to the top of the list whenever they want to advertise a new event !

4.Rank Websites associated to any Gaming title .

5.Generalized Community websites for the gaming title .

The more you visit the site the more chances you can keep your website bumped to the top of the list !!

What is UCRG?
Well let me tell you a little bit of how this site came to be .
I am in a gaming clan . At the time the clan was a Socom based clan . Well as we all know many Socom clans fell victim to the creation of the PS3 . Then for that matter it took Socom well over a year after to even get a game title out for the PS3 . Needless to say many of the Socom clans that survived has moved in to more of what is called a gaming community . With clans now more in to multiple gaming titles there are a lot of web sites you have to go to just to keep up with all the new information for all those gaming titles . Well I came up with a little bit of a solution . Why don't we find all that information for you and put it all in one location . So that is what I am shooting for .

But that is not all ! Might as well add more to it . Their are a lot of clans out there so why not give them a place to say "Hay... We Play that game" and even say "We are recruiting for this game title " . So not only are you getting information about a game , you will also see what clans are out there playing that same game title you are .

Why Stop There !?!? Most Gaming titles have community's that run tournaments . This will give them a spot to let you know what is out there . If you are in a clan and you are trying to find a tournament for your clan to join then look no further . Look at the game title you are playing and look at the tournament sites on that game title . Its so easy all in one location !

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Ultimate Clan Resource Guide beginning stages!!
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