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 Anyone fans of the Walking Dead

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PostSubject: Re: Anyone fans of the Walking Dead   Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:25 am


negan carried the episode, but guess what........NOTHING HAPPENED. cool you learn some negan backstory, followed by a priest trying to pretend hes an assassin and pulls a gun from negans back and tries to shoot him.

also its funny how rick and darryl are STILL doing the same thing they were doing 2-3 episodes ago LMFAO. and watch gabrielle's face light up when he tells negan he was there to take his confession. its the face you make when you first see a pair of tits. i mean the poor sack of had a smile from ear to ear. its just really bad acting combined with some INCREDIBLY shitty writing. fuck amc.
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Anyone fans of the Walking Dead
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